Nov. 1, 2016
March 4, 2017
July 25-30, 2017

On Thursday, November 10, thirty members and guests of the MCCJ Clergy Dialogue gathered at the Ershad Muslim Center for our monthly meeting. The day’s speaker spoke of the very real and current issues and challenges in the Muslim Community of South Florida. We heard of young children, unable to sleep, expressing concern about their personal safety, and of Muslim students harassed at local schools following the recent presidential election. And then, because our meetings are meant to be a dialogue among leaders of different faith traditions who gather each month, we asked questions of and offered responses to one another. We left grateful for the time of being together in dialogue and in solidarity. We parted resolute to be a living witness of the unity that is possible among people of good will. 

The work of organizations such as ours, and people of good will everywhere, becomes even more important and we recommit ourselves to doing all in our power to work with others to build greater understanding and foster mutual respect among all who live in our community.

MCCJ Statement on Vilification of Muslims [PDF]
MCCJ Clergy Dialogue Proclamation on Religious Freedom [PDF]

Thank you to all


We are a nonprofit organization dedicated to eliminating intolerance. We profoundly believe every person has the right to live in dignity and enjoy respect, regardless of race, gender, faith, ethnicity,national origin, age, sexual orientation, physical or mental ability or socioeconomic status. We aspire to make Miami a model of intercultural understanding.