March 14, 2020
Maria Elena Salinas 2019 Headliner Award
November 14, 2019
June 23-28, 2019

MCCJ congratulates Joy Reid on the premiere of MSNBC’s new show “The ReidOut” on Monday, July 20th at 7 pm ET. Reid is making journalism history by being the first black woman to host a prime-time talk show on a major US network.

In 2016, Reid received the coveted Hank Meyer Headliner Award given by MCCJ to journalists of national standing whose contributions in journalism are aligned with MCCJ’s mission of building an inclusive community.

Please refer to the July 18th Miami Herald article by clicking the link below. (subscription required)


As our country struggles with a pandemic, the unfolding story of George Floyd, who died at the hands of a police officer in Minneapolis, sends chills down our spines. We find ourselves asking the same question Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. asked in a speech he gave March 25, 1965, in Alabama: “How long?” And in the context of meaning and hope, his answer was: “Not long, because no lie can live forever.”

While it is true that “no lie can live forever,” people across the country have been glued to their screens watching in horror how Mr. Floyd lost his life.  The tragedy of continued police violence and brutality toward people of color is incomprehensible and completely unacceptable.

It’s hard to imagine children growing up in fear, seeing the adults in their lives be deprived of their dignity and human rights at the hands of law enforcement, a failed justice system, and the divisive, cowardly rhetoric and lack of leadership from elected officials.

Fear, anger and frustration have resulted in violent protests in several cities including Minneapolis, New York, Charlotte, Atlanta and now ours. Miami’s mostly peaceful protest Saturday sadly took a turn for the worse at dusk. Violence, looting and destructive behavior are not the answer, and certainly not in the spirit of Dr. King’s – and our – vision for America.

The mission of MCCJ is embracing diversity; building an inclusive community. Peaceful protests, candid dialogue and building bridges of deeper understanding are keys to ending inequality and keeping open the doors to “liberty and justice for all.”

We condemn the actions of the officers involved in the death of George Floyd, and encourage peaceful demonstrations in support of a just and inclusive Miami. As we have many times over the last eight decades, we stand ready to help establish the kinds of interactions that lead to lasting peace and equality.   It will take real commitment to action and efforts by people of goodwill to dismantle the current barriers to justice. Download the printable version of our statement here (PDF).


With sadness and shock we condemn the shooting at the Congregation Chabad in Poway, California as violence and hate arrives again at another house of worship from Sri Lanka, to New Zealand, to Pittsburgh, to Sutherland Springs, to Charleston and beyond. We extend our deepest condolences to all those affected by this senseless violence and to their family and friends who are in our thoughts prayers. MCCJ renews its calls to loudly and unequivocally denounce hateful rhetoric against our Jewish, Muslim and Christian brothers and sisters and for action by all communities — officials and citizens — to find ways to address violence before another hate crime comes knocking at the door of our Temple, Mosque or Church. MCCJ is dedicated to advancing understanding among different cultures, religions, backgrounds and races based on interfaith respect and good will.


The tragic mass shooting at two mosques in New Zealand once again brings us together in mourning. Our condolences and prayers go out to all those who lost loved ones in this terrible act of terror. We also realize there are many in our own backyard who are feeling the pain of this loss, and they fear what the world has become for them and their children. MCCJ Miami stands shoulder to shoulder with all those impacted. We call on everyone to join us by loudly and unequivocally denouncing hateful rhetoric against Muslims that leads to such tragic realities. Every community and faith group has felt the impact of violence by those who try to divide us. Today, it was against the Muslim community, but we have already seen hatred towards teens in schools, worshipers in churches and synagogues, the gay community at a nightclub — the list goes on. This must stop, and prayers are not enough. We encourage local efforts from the entire community — officials and ordinary citizens — to find ways to address violence before another hate crime comes knocking at our door. MCCJ Miami is dedicated to advancing understanding among different cultures, religions, backgrounds and races. Together we, who hope for a better world, will march forward in solidarity against the voices and acts of division and hate. Brian Dervishi, Chairman of the Board
Nestor Rodriguez, Executive Director


MCCJ joins our Jewish brothers and sisters, communities, and all people of good will in expressing our indignation, dismay and heartbreak over the senseless murder of innocents at the Tree of Life Synagogue in Pittsburgh, PA. We call upon all to join us to stand united against such evil and wickedness, and to prove that Love truly conquers Hate.

MCCJ Deeply Mourns the passing of Roberta Shevin, Executive Director 2009-2018


MCCJ Statement on Vilification of Muslims PDF


MCCJ Clergy Dialogue Proclamation on Religious Freedom PDF | MCCJ Letter to the Editor of The Miami Herald on the Disparagement of African Countries and the Haitian Community

Thank you to all

Our Chair Emeritus, Dave Lawrence, was recently honored with a Florida Blue Sapphire Award in Orlando, Florida. This award was given for his efforts to improve the lives of children in Florida; he was one of only four finalists in the Individual category. The 13th annual Sapphire Awards, presented at the 2018 Florida Blue (BCBS) Community Health Symposium, recognized exemplary leadership, innovation and demonstrated successes in community health by individuals, non-profit organizations and programs in Florida.  Lawrence currently serves as chair of The Children’s Movement of Florida, a citizen-led, non-partisan grassroots movement of Floridians focusing on increased investment in the first five years of all children. The following video captures the impact Dave has had on quality early childhood education and health care in Florida.

We are a nonprofit organization dedicated to eliminating intolerance. We profoundly believe every person has the right to live in dignity and enjoy respect, regardless of race, gender, faith, ethnicity,national origin, age, sexual orientation, physical or mental ability or socioeconomic status. We aspire to make Miami a model of intercultural understanding.

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